Harry Baker: A Love Poem for Lonely Prime Numbers

Harry BakerWhy should you listen to Harry Baker? Harry Baker, Math student and champion poet, was a speaker at a recent TED talk and he shares his award winning poem about lonely prime numbers. In his bio, Harry states that he has always love words and discovering new words he can play with. His Math degree is probably one of the reasons for this brilliant but rich play of words on prime numbers.

Harry has been travelling the world with his poems and won the Poetry Gland Slam World Cup in 2012. Stay on to listen to another poem about purple paper people. Watch the entire video here.

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3 Minute Teaching With Technology Tutorials

blendspaceNearly every teacher or educator have their own favorite tools that they use to connect with students and make learning relevant. Here are a few of simple but powerful tech tools that you can use to better integrate technology in the classroom.

  • EduCanon is a free tool that gives educators functionality with videos. It allows you to insert questions in videos for teaching purposes. With EduCanon, you can build video lessons, invite students to participate and monitor their progress.
  • Tackk is a simple tool that allows educators to create an online digital content discussion. Post videos, questions or any digital content and encourage students to participate in the discussion.
  • Blendspace is an unbelievably easy platform to create powerful lessons in seconds...
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Visible Thinking: Digital Place Mats

placematTrevor Krikst put a digital spin on the traditional place mat exercise. Place Mat is a popular teaching tactic designed to encourage collaboration between students. The digital version provides a way for students to have a discussion on their respective projects through Google Classroom. This allows students to provide meaningful comments to each other’s works making their thinking visible.

Whether its digital or traditional pen and paper, place mats are clearly one of the tried and tested tools that are especially beneficially when prompting groups to incorporate all members’ thinking into the collaborative space. Read more about place mats in Krikst’s We Inquire and Inspire blog.

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Skype Takes These Students on an Ultimate Field trip

Fabien CousteauFabien Cousteau, world-famous oceanographic explorer, is making history with his Mission 31 exploration, turning classrooms into virtual fish tanks thru Skype. This allowed him to share to thousands of students around the world what it is inside a real working lab and the beauty of the marine life around him.

Second grader Julia Szymanski thought “it was so cool to see all of the animals living outside of the window in the ocean” and classmate Owen Herrera “loved the tour of the lab. I learned that it’s hard to be living underwater for a month!”. You can read more about Cousteau’s adventures under the sea here. You can watch the fieldtrip here.

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Developing Questioning

Guest Blogger: Craig Gastauergfp-animals

The focus of this school year has been to personalize the learning experience for each of my students. And in all honesty, I have felt like a new teacher again, striving to gain the foundation necessary to help students build a questioning nature.

But during the last unit focused on building an understanding of how DNA’s code affects the proteins and traits of organisms, I and my students experienced success.  A process of questioning led to multiple pathways of learning for my students.

After an examination of the basics of DNA structure and function, I wanted to “shock” their thoughts. I wanted them to gain a sense of wonder and awe...

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Unmotivated Child? 6 Ways to Get Your Child Going

6-Ways-to-Get-Your-Child-Going_Article“There’s something wrong with the picture if you care more about your child’s grades than he does.”

It is hard to motivate kids. Parents believe that if we ground them, take away their iPhones, iPads, laptops or TV time, then maybe they will listen. It has turned  So how can we motivate kids in ways that will not work against us? Debbie Pincus, a parent and marriage coach, shares how to approach unmotivated kids and get them to respond. The first thing she points out is for us parents to understand what our role is in motivating kids. Next, teach them about the concept of consequences.

As parents, we oftentimes micromanage our kids to ensure that they will not make the wrong choices. Ultimately, as Ms. Pincus points out, our kids are solely responsible for the choices they make...

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Genius Hour – Where Passions Come to Life

genius hourDuring genius hour, personalized learning come to life when kids of all levels become empowered to pursue their passions and work on projects that spark their interests. This allows them to take a break from the usual routine to discover things that they really wanted to do.

Teacher Dallas Thompson from the Centennial Arts Academy encourages his students to pursue their passion projects during genius hour.

“There are no tests, no studying, no curriculum. The students just enjoy learning about something they are truly interested in, by choice.”

His students have different ideas and projects. One student was into karate, another was finding ways to teach gymnastics while another was into cats. Find out what happens in genius hour here.

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These School Lunches From Around The World Should Embarrass The U.S.

A healthy and balanced meal not only fuels the body but it also helps fuel our brains. Let us take a look at what our cafeterias are serving here in the U.S. for lunch and let us see what the rest of the world eats.

Italy Breakfast


Local fish on a bed of arugula, pasta with tomato sauce, caprese salad, baguette, and some grapes

Spain Breakfast

Sautéed shrimp over brown rice and vegetables, gazpacho, fresh peppers, bread, and an orange

When you come to realize how many students are eating lunches provided by the school cafeteria, you will understand how important it is to promote healthy meals and healthy eating. Read more and see these cool and mouth-watering meals from around the world.


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Kids From The Other Side Of The Globe Learn How Racism Feels

Do Remember Me“The World Is as Big or as Small as You Make It” is a powerful documentary that takes us to an amazing group of teens in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as they connect with kids in New York, Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Paris, and Kazakhstan through Skype. In the documentary, Sannii Crespina-Flores runs the Do Remember Me Project, designed to let kids examine, explore and discover that their worlds are not as different as one might think.

The project aims to invoke positive discourse between the youth and eliminate myths of hopelessness, media stereo types and cultural differences. One powerful moment was when a girl from across the globe asks, “Have you experienced racism?” and the 12-year old from Pennsylvania said, “Yes.”

Watch the entire video here.

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The Secret to Raising Smart Kids

smartkidsWe often assume that the most talented or smartest kids in class will most likely excel in life. Our society believes that by telling kids they are smart will further encourage them to do extremely well in whatever they do. It looks like we are wrong.

It’s dumb to tell kids they’re smart.

In an article by Carol S. Dweck, a Professor of Psycology at the Stanford University, an overemphasis on intelligence and talent – and the implication that such traits are inherent and predetermined, leave people to be fearful of challenge and ultimately, become failures. Studies reveal that those students who welcome challenges will most likely outperform their colleagues. They view challenges as energizing rather than intimidating.

So how can we correctly give praise to students without encouragi...

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