Are Your Students Engaged? Don’t Be So Sure.

Classroom ConfusionIt’s about time that we reconsider the meaning of student engagement and assess ourselves as educators if we are making it a priority in establishing our relationship with students.

A recent study in Australia tracked students over a 20-year period. Researchers found out that “the more children felt connected to their school community and felt engaged (rather than bored), the greater their likelihood of achieving a higher educational qualification and going on to a professional or managerial career, over and above their academic attainment or socio-economic background.”

But what exactly is student engagement?

We often confuse student engagement when students comply or follow us or worse, if they are having “fun” that led to a number of myths distorting how we act, and what we look for, in ...

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Why Students Should Own Their Educational Data

Todd Rose“We are losing 50, 000 exceptional talents each year.”

This was the startling fact that Todd Rose, who teaches educational neuroscience at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, shared at a TEDx talk last summer.

Mr. Rose points out that traditional educational systems have been teaching our students on being average because we have been designing learning on average for years. The main goal in fact of learning should be to nurture individual potential. The professor further argues that designing on average destroys talent and hides areas of improvement that educators can actually address.

Mr. Rose believes that technology can help, by giving educators detailed data on students and creating flexible learning environment that nurture individual potential...

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7th Grader Discovers Source Of Mystery Infections

Elan Filler

Elan Filler at the LA County Science and Engineering Fair with her project on Cryptococcus gattii.

A seventh grader, as part of her science fair project, was able to discover the source of a rare fungus, Cryptococcus gattii, which affects HIV/AIDS patients in Southern California for years. Not bad for somebody who just turned 16.

Elan Filler, was just looking for a science fair project that she can showcase in school when she came up with the idea. Previously, scientists had assumed eucalyptus trees were to blame, since they were a home for the fungus in Australia — but no one was ever able to find it in California.

Elan was lucky enough to have a supportive father who was also an infectious disease specialist at the University of California...

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What Do Parents Want in Their Child’s School?

Parent Teacher in SchoolParents, without a doubt, want only the best for their children. As educators, we must understand the concerns of these parents in our school’s ability to meet their child’s academic needs.

A recent study by the The Fordham Institute shows that over a third of the K-12 parents sees their chosen schools as a passage way for their child’s career. The other types of parents expected schools to instill instruction into their child, expose them to cultural diversity or help them get good enough grades to enter a good university, while others wanted to emphasize on the arts and music. What the study simply points out is that parents have different expectations and needs from schools.

Bill Carozza, an elementary school principal for 17 years,  identifies these different kinds of parents in schoo...

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Lessons From the Mat: Comparison — a help or a hindrance?

background_22By Allison Zmuda

Disclaimer: I have been practicing yoga 1-2 times a week for years — regularly enough that I see its benefits but infrequently enough to yearn for the calm that comes from the practice.

I stared in the mirror during the start of the Eagle post —hooking one arm across the other, then hooking the leg behind the other leg. Settling in, spine straight, eyes fixated on the dimple at the lower part of my neck, thinking about my breath. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone teetering and smugly pressed myself lower another inch. I next checked in with another who had his left toes fully hooked behind his left calf and wondered why that was so elusive to me still...

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Technology Advancement in Diabetes!

140821141610-largeBy Cuda Zmuda, Middle School Student

 As a Type 1 Diabetic, I am always looking out for the new technologies that are helping make living with Diabetes easier. People with Diabetes need to regularly prick their fingers to test glucose levels. I usually do it between 4-8 times a day. When you prick your fingers this much (even though the needles are pretty small), they get callouses and become harder and harder to draw blood.

I found that at Princeton University, they have created a way to change Diabetes. The researchers have created a laser to measure blood sugar. They are trying to get the laser in a portable size. The laser must be pointed at a person’s palm...

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An Adventure with Purpose

628x471By Cuda Zmuda, Middle School Student

The Mediterranean Traditions People to People Program is an amazing experience. This 19 day program is a European tour that brings you through Spain, Italy, and France. This program teaches you amazing things about each city that you probably didn’t know before as well as helping people through service-learning projects. When we were in Barcelona I got the honor of learning a little bit about how blind people played sports. We started off the experience with a video explaining how blind people move along with their daily life. Then we learned about a game that blind people play called goal ball.

To play goal ball you have 2 teams of three. Each team is spread out in front of a goal...

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What College Students Really Want from their Professors

Professor College and StudentTwo things that college students want from their professors are not what you think they are. It’s not fun and games or straight A’s.

“What they really want is that their teachers challenge them and that they care about them.”

This is a great excerpt from Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite and The Way to a Meaningful Life written by William Deresiewicz. This will encourage educators especially college professors to become an integral part of their student’s life.

For a college student, the task of getting a full time job or achieving goals in life is not exactly taught inside the classroom setting. It requires emotional and mental support from their professors allowing students to be themselves and getting assurance that they are on the right track.


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NASA Needs Your Help!

night photo nasa

Midwestern USA at Night with Aurora Borealis

Yes, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) needs your help. A recent report from CNN says, “Via The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth, NASA is making available images ranging from the Mercury missions of the 1960s to photos recently snapped from the International Space Station.”

There are over 1.8 million photos in the directory, about 1.3 million were from the space station and 30% of them were taken at night.

NASA hopes that the images “could help save energy, contribute to better human health and safety and improve our understanding of atmospheric chemistry. But scientists need your help to make that happen.”

The images used to be blurry but now that the images are clear, NASA needs your help in identifying the l...

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Do Cool Stuff with your Photos using Big Huge Labs

Big Huge Labs puzzleLet’s do some cool stuff with your photos! Big Huge Labs is a fun website that allows you to take your usual photos to the next level. Just upload your photo and click!

Time travel and create vintage photo booth strips. Be a star! Make your own movie poster. Create jigsaw puzzles from your photographs. Make monthly calendars and so much more!

You can also make mosaics of your favorite photos or show off your latest projects. Give it a whirl, be as creative as you like and let your imagination run wild. Most importantly, have fun!

Are you an educator? You can also use Big Huge Labs in your classroom! Click here to find out how.

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